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Monthly Subscription Boxes "Whats Inside"

Boxed By Jonique

Boxed By Jonique

Get your very own Customized Box of Piercing Bliss. Each box is hand customized by ME for your new or existing piercings. Customized based on your specific likes, wants and needs.

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Five Star Review

First and Foremost, after letting Jonique pierce me, I'll NEVER go to anyone else lol. She's so fast with what she does and her work is beautiful EVERY time! In love with her, her work, and her station!

Author's name: Areiahna W

Jewelry Changes Brought To Your Door Monthly

Pierced By Jonique at Your Doorstep

After you get a new piercing the journey is just beginning! Your starter jewelry isn't the cutest (unless you come to me) but even still, downsizing at the right moment to keep your piercings healing properly is just as important as cleaning it properly. So even if you haven't been "PiercedByJonique" you can still get what my clients get: My knowledge, cleaning supplies and the perfect jewelry monthly! Take the quiz and select your Box Today!